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Shipping-bags Samples (1x per size)


Our shipping bags show the same or better quality like the ones from DHL,DPD or UPS. They are extremely stably and very tear-proof.

The mounted adhesive strip is glueing extremely. A once closed shipping bag is after a short reaction-time unopenable without destroying the whole bag.
This protects against theft. Your customers will love this very secure way of packing your items.

Shipping bags are the perfect choice and a very good option instead of using cartons.
Please find a comparison here:

  • Opened and closed faster. No more need to use tape to build up a carton.
  • Very good protection against wetness while the package is on the way to your customer.
  • Save 50% packing costs compared with cartons.
  • Easy and space saving warehousing. 500 shipping-bags only need a minimum of space - 500 cartons in the same size will need a whole pallet!
  • 6 sizes available in our store. No more need to fill out your shippings with extra material just to fit the item into the carton. This saves you time and money!
Order samples - try and see for yourself our quality-made shipping-bags.
You will get:

- 1x size XS (24x32,5cm)
- 1x size S (34x42cm)
- 1x size M (40x48cm)
- 1x size L (46x58cm)
- 1x size XL (53x60cm)
- 1x size XXL (58x75cm)

  Ordering samples is for free. There is no further discount available..

Already certain? No problem:
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Fast and uncomplicated: Just fill out the fields below to get free of charge samples. You will get the samples as a maxi-letter within 5 days to the UK.
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