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Our intelligent discount system gives you the possibility to order all the sizes you need - in the specific quantity you need, while you always get the best price for every size in your shopping cart.

There are competitors who offer stagger prices - but we think this is not enough.
The main disadvantage of the stagger-price-system is that you only get a bigger discount on a chosen size, when you order a large quantity in that size. If you add a small quantity in a 2nd size, which is only used sometimes to ship your articles,this size will not be discounted because of the small quantity in that size. It is totally ignored that you in fact order a big quantity in one size, why should the small quantity not be discounted?

We expirienced that many online sellers always recurrent package sizes. It is in the nature of things, most of your products fit into at least one of our offered sizes of shipment-bags, so that you can pack your recurring items into our shipment-bags.

We know that many customers specialize themselfes to at least one shipping-bag size - namely that size, which fits best to the biggest part of the product range.

The average need of a online seller may be:

10% in size S,
15% in size M,
70% in size L
5% in size XL

A stagger price system would bring some problems with the example written above:
  - A: Either order a huge quantity in size L to get a good stagger-price and not to buy any other size
  - B: or buy a large quantity in size L, and small quantities in S,M and XL but there will be no good stagger
        price for the small quantities.

Both ways are not optimal.

Our intelligent discount-system lets you always have the best price for all quantities depending on your total order quantity:

  - You compose your size-mix as you need - afterwards you get a discount on the total shopping-cart
     value. (The quantities of every size are added)

  - The higher your total order quantity the higher your discount on every size will be.
     Please find our pricelist under every article/size. (You must be logged in to see the pricelist)


You order:

1000x size XS
2000x size M
1000x size XXL
4000 pices total order quantity

The system discounts the actual discount-rate for 4000 pieces from your invoice.


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